How To Stay Looking Young – 6 Anti Aging Treatments

anti aging treatment This article is about some of the 6 most effective ways on how to stay looking young with some well known and established anti aging treatments. Life and youth are precious but they both have one major disadvantage; they both have limits. Youth holds the key to freedom and an innumerable number of opportunities and tremendously fun adventures that unfortunately, you do not have enough time to test all the waters and enjoy all that life has to offer on a silver platter just because with aging, life becomes less and less interesting.

Thus, countless  specialists and experts have always been on an unending mission of research to find that fountain of youth that holds the elixir of life. It has not been without benefits and some significant breakthroughs as ways and strategies have been invented to give you the youth that you crave for. From a variety of anti-aging creams to special healthy anti-aging skin treatments etc. becoming a youth for even just a “minute” longer is quite possible.



  1. Natural Skin care products.

There are several skin care products in the market today that can be used to deal with anti aging.  The problem is that they are too many and it takes a lot of research and experience to know which ones are actually effective and safe. The best way to know which skin care products, whether it is an anti aging skin care cream or anti aging supplement, is to do your research. The easiest way to research a product is to read the customer reviews of buyer that have already used the product. If I have to recommend one I will go with a product called All natural  Phytoceramides. This product is plant based and it builds your cell from the inside out at the cellular level. It traps moisture from within, thus preventing the skin from drying thus giving it that glow and freshness. This product has featured on several health talk show like Dr. Oz.

2.  Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

From the reputable words of top notch and high end specialists and doctors, this is the anti-aging advancement of the decade. This therapy is based on the use of carbon dioxide lasers which have been long well known and now proven as the best way of removal of skin wrinkles. It is a guaranteed strategy because of its tremendous and successful results and without any side effects creeping in afterwards.

One of the reasons for aging is due to the destruction of the collagen which is the major protein of the connective tissue whose role in turn keeps your skin plump, soft and smooth and without any potential of wrinkle appearance. This therapy works to restore the continuous production of collagen by emitting small numerous beams of light energy which after boring miniature holes in your skin, causes a rapid generation of collagen hence keeping your skin to stay alive.

It is proven to be highly effective for it gives out brilliant results with no skin damage whatsoever and with minimal time for recovery. It leaves that youthful, soft and smooth skin for and believe me you will remain in your younger form for a minimum of 8 years to a maximum of 10 years with no change in your appearance.

3. Wrinkle injections

This recently found elixir utilizes a number of fillers used to fill skin wrinkles. By the use of these fillers, you eliminate all the hustle of having to go for a surgery and the end outcomes are quite identical.

The fillers used, fill (increases the volume of your skin) wrinkles anywhere on the skin surface giving your skin a lift which leaves it looking significantly young. This unlike the normal face lift which leaves you skin taut and stretched, gives you a plumped up skin with a more natural appearance.

Moreover, some fillers injected, again as proven, have the influence of natural collagen production in your skin and additionally also prevent any collagen decomposition apart from filling up the wrinkles. So basically this is a two in one package which effectively leaves your skin having that youthful glow for over a year.

However some fillers offer significant results lasting permanently apart from some slight risks at hand but practically no results of casualties occur after years of being in use.

4. Antioxidants

These antioxidants are chemicals whose role is to demobilize harmful radicals which have the great potential of spoiling the skin. Thus, their application results in a commendable anti-aging solution.

Antioxidants exist in a variety of products and they are exceptionally powerful when it comes to skin regeneration and rejuvenation not to mention skin protection. Hence, it is safe to note that antioxidants play a very crucial part when it comes to staying young. Furthermore, they make sure complete eradication of wrinkles with minimal application and without any side effects to worry about.

5. Anti-aging sunscreens

In case you were never in the know, rays from the sun i.e. UVA (ultra violet) rays have the single handed capability to cause aging of the skin via destruction of the collagen. This realization along with a little innovativeness led to development of sunscreens which in its ingredients are chemicals that absorb the UVA rays upon application hence leaving your skin unharmed and un-aged even in the slightest of ways.

With these sunscreens, and with significant breakthroughs, permanent and effective results have been realized.

6. Collagen rebuilders

This includes LED (Light Emitting Diode) machines developed for the sole purpose of collagen production in the skin along with the complete eradication of wrinkles which lead to the realization of youthful skin as per your fantasy. Cutting edge machines are exponentially powerful and the results are not to be doubted along with their permanent results.

To conclude:

Amongst all the above anti aging techniques, solutions and processes, we highly recommend the natural anti aging products. Although we have given you several form and sources, before trying any other form of anti aging solution, you should try the natural sources first

. In some cases that might not be effective in your situation. You can then move to the next available option based on your findings. But the first thing you should go is to consult a dermatologist first to evaluate your situation before you attempt to use any skin care product.

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