Stretch Mark Cream – Best Stretch Mark Removal Treatment?

How do you get rid of stretch marks?


It is evident that ways  on how to remove stretch marks are being sought by the thousands of individuals who are having them. It is said that stretch Mark affects more than 90% of pregnant women and 70% of teenagers. Although they might not admit it, bodybuilders are also affected. Having a variety of stretch mark removal treatment today, stretch mark creams are possibly the best option to remove stretch marks for a variety of reasons. In this article were going to explore the myths about stretch Mark and the questions that are very commonly asked by people.

Myth number one: only women can have stretch marks.

Even though it is known that about 90% of stretch marks sufferers are women men are also known to suffer from the same condition. Any woman, child, or man who has lost or  gain weight very quickly can be easily affected. That is what it is very prevalent among bodybuilders.

Myth number two: stretch marks disappear after losing excess the weight.

Although it is true that when you lose excess weight, it is possible that your stretch marks might fade away. But Once your skin has been stretched becomes much thiner and that makes it very difficult for it to return to its normal condition unless something is done about it.

Myth number three: nothing can be done to prevent them.

That also is not actually true. There are several types of topical treatments, lotions, and creams that when applied to the area areas of the body that are usually prone to having stretch marks like the thighs, hips, breasts, buttocks. Using the right cream will eventually increase the elasticity in the part of the body where it is being applied and as a result, in the event that the skin is stretched because of pregnancy of weightlifting, the stretch marks would not show up.

Myth number four: The only way they can be treated is by using cosmetic surgery.

Why laser surgery is one of the ways of tackling their stretch marks, there are other ways they can be treated. A range of natural lotions are in the market that are made up of very potent natural and herbal formulations that can be used to get rid of them.

Myth number five: they have no effect on your life.

This unfortunately is not usually the case. Letting them on your body can have a very psychological effect on many aspects of your lifestyle. Beginning with self-esteem, self-confidence and overall body image, your life cannot be the same because each time you look at them, you feel very bad about yourself.

Myth number six: they cannot be covered up temporarily.

This is not also true. They can be hidden by certain products like some foundation and tanning products, there are several of them on the market that can be used to effectively cover up stretch marks although this is just a temporary solution, they do give some kind of relief to stretch marks sufferers.

Frequently asked questions about stretch marks:

Q. What is the best process when applying stretch Mark cream?

A. Using it at least twice a day is the best and most effective way to use stretch Mark prevention cream. You apply it to the affected area by spreading the cream in a thick layer. The most commonly affected are the breasts, abdomen and hip. It is very essential that when you apply stretch Mark cream, you have to wait for a short period of time to allow the cream to penetrate your skin completely before dressing up.

Q. What is the best time to start using stretch Mark cream when pregnant?

For you to obtain the best results, it is advisable and highly recommended that you start using the stretch Mark cream as soon as you become pregnant. The earlier you start using the cream when you are pregnant, the better, because it serves as a preventive measure.

Q. What should I do when I am allergic to some chemicals used in their production?

A. The only way to ensure that you avoid adverse reactions to the chemicals that are used in the making of most  stretch marks creams are that you should try to use lotions and creams that are made with natural substances as they are considered safe for you and your baby. The best way to test a new product is to use a small amount on your skin and wait for about 24 hours to see the reaction of the ingredients before confidently applying on you body or use it as a long term solution.

Q. Do you recommend creams over other forms of treatment?

A. The reason why creams are preferred to other forms of treatment because they are very easy to apply in the affected area that are usually very prone to stretch marks. This is also a very inexpensive option or method of treatment for most women who want to consider laser surgery as a last option. Since privacy is a constant when it comes to the body, it becomes very easy for people to use them when they just take a shower in the comfort of their home. It also avoids and eliminates the use of some harmful or ineffective remedy or prescription drugs to solve the problem.

Q. Can it only be used by pregnant women?

A. No it can be used by anyone in any condition either a male or female.

Q. Where can I buy a good cream for myself?

A. It can be bought online. But you have to be very careful when buying because not all products are the same. I highly recommend the revitol stretch mark removal treatment which has been proven to work very effectively and a contains only natural ingredients.

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