What Everyone Needs to Know About skin cream vs lotion

Skin Cream vs Lotion : What Is The Difference Between The Two?

There is no limit in the amount of skin creams and lotion in the market today to meet all kinds of skin challenges whether it be for beauty or to treat some skin condition. Most people do not know the difference between skin cream vs lotion. The purpose of this article is to provide some very important information to outline the difference between the two so that when you go to the store next time you will know what to get based on your need. Stop being confused


There is great debate today amoung users in support of one or the other.
Well to put it bluntly, there is some slight difference and sometimes no difference because a manufactures can produce what they call a lotion but it would function as a cream because of how it is made and what it is designed to accomplish.


Basically motions are fluid than creams because of their function as you would see below. In terms of cream, there is greasy and non greasy cream and the non greasy cream are mostly preferred over the greasy cream. There are also toners and moisturizers.


The greasy creams are not preferred over the non greasy creams because their application can cause the blocking of pores which might result to another skin problem except the cream is serving as an ointment to treat a particular condition that requires a lot of oil on the skin. An advantage that a greasy crem or ointment would have is that it will last longer and can work well for very dry skin.


what is skin lotion


A lotion is a topical low viscosity preparation that is intended to be applied to unbroken skin and usually applied as toner. A toner is mostly a wash or lotion which is used to cleans the skin and make the appearance of pores to shrink with the intent to provide a smooth skin, mostly on the face. Generally, most lotions are produced in liquid form because their function is to cleanse the body. Therfore when it comes to cleansing, a lotion is a better choice. Note that a lotion can also be used as a moisturizer

How does skin cream work?


Most skin creams are moisturizer. A moisturizer is usually a complex mixture of chemical agents that are designed to provide the outer skin layer more softer and pliable and as a result would increase the skin’s water content(hydration) by limiting evaporation.With these definitions it is safe to say that there is a preference of using a skincare cream over a lotion especially in cases where the intent of the application is to allow it to stay on the body to perform a particular function like keeping the body fresh.
A skin  cream can also be used to serve as a lotion, in terms of function and vise versa, if the manufactures design it that way since a cream can also be non greasy and of low viscosity. Both of them are very popular when it comes to cleansing.
Creams on the other hand are designed first to keep the body moist, and then perform other required function like lightening the body to treat hyper pigmentation,dry and sensitive skin or acne. Anti aging treatment is usually made of creams, same with eye wrinkle treatment. Some of these treatment using creams might require the use of a cleaner first, in the form of a lotion.


Creams can be made and fed with some particular vitamins like vitamin A and sulfur creams designed to help reduce sebum production.
As noted earlier, skincare creams can be designed to treat localized skin conditions or skin disorders like acne which are affecting particular parts of the body. This allow the cream to be applied sparingly only in affected areas avoiding wastage.


But in conditions that require the skin to be washed with a medicated product, a lotion becomes the preferred choice because it is pure liquid and flows very easily to provide effective cleansing.
The manufactures are aware of the different advantages and disadvantages of both so they make it very easy for users to chose the right product to use. But is is very important that you know their main differences between skin cream vs lotion

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