Why Some Acne Treatments Don’t Work – What Everyone Needs to Know

wwhy some acne treatments dont work

Why Some Acne Treatments Don’t Work

Some people try several treatments for acne from their local cosmetic shops and none will be successful in treating the acne. Others are lucky enough to have their acne problems taken away by these products but once they stop using the products it is like they have never attempted to treat their acne because their faces becomes flooded again with acne.

Also there are some people who will use these products and have good results for a short period of time and then of course after some time the acne no longer responds to the treatment it was once very responsive to.

This however does not mean that if an acne treatment does not work for you it is not going to effective in treatment some other person. One thing you need to be aware of when using acne treatment is the cause of the acne because if you are not sure of this then you will be approaching the acne in the wrong way by treating just the signs of the acne.

 Why  some acne treatment dont work is brcause the real cause of the acne is left unattended and will keep giving you acne problems while you are concentrated on treating the signs of the acne. It is therefore important for you to tackle the root cause of your acne problem if you want to get rid of acne for good.

Below are examples of causes of acne, after reading this article you should be able to know the cause of your acne problem and how to go about treating it.

Excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands

At some stage in life, sebaceous glands are activated to produce more sebum by hormones, when sebum is produced in excess, it combines which dead skin cells and dirt to block the skin pores of the skin, this creates a perfect breathing ground for bacteria which cause acne to thrive and cause acne.

What you Eat

Diet has got a role to play in the cause of acne, examples of food that cause acne include carbohydrate foods, chocolate and of course dairy products. So if you really want to treat acne you should also take a look at your diet and make some changes or adjustments.


When we stress, our sebaceous glands are activated and this leads to an increase in production of sebum by these and hence acne formation.

Some medications

Drugs which contain androgens, corticosteroids or lithium are known to cause acne when used by some people.

Deep fried or junk food

These types of food contain a lot of oil which can cause the effects of excess sebum on the skin, so when we eat food which contain a lot of oil we will be prone to having acne.


Though dirt will not directly cause acne, they promote the acne by blocking pores of the skin causing sebum to be trapped in the pores and hence forming the perfect breathing ground for bacteria which cause acne formation.

Use of cosmetics

As with dirt accumulation on the skin, cosmetics will not directly cause acne, but when you use cheap cosmetic which is not up to standard and don’t properly clean it off your face, it can combine with other factors and lead to the formation of acne.

Although the factors named above will cause acne, in most cases the real cause of acne is related to your hormones and most people and doctors included fail to understand these factors  and even when some doctors know the cause of the acne internally, they still treat the signs.

It is advisable for you to be sure of what the cause of your acne is, and if it related to excess hormone production. You do not need to get worked up because like any other disorder, hormonal disorders  can be taken care of. 

I hope that this article has provided some information on why some acne treatments don’t work.

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