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The Problem With White privilege in Our Society

white privilege in our society is affecting our society today and there is very little we can do about it because it does not only live in the subconscious of the perpetrators but it gives them an upper hand to continue seeing themselves as superior. White privilege (or white skin privilege) is the societal privilege […]

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skin cancer: How Dangerous is Your Sunscreen?

The article below deals with a very important question: how dangerous is your sunscreen? It is very important to know that using sunscreen is very safe when it comes to preventing skin cancer. Kids under 10 years of age who do not wear sunscreen are 50 percent more likely to get skin cancer compared to […]

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Turmerik – The next Big Trend in Skin care Products?

A beauty product company has said Turmeric is going to be the next huge thing to hit the skin care and beauty scene. That it is one of the most important ingredients that has just been discovered to play a very important role not only in skincare, but also as an anti-inflammatory agent, and with its […]

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Genes Used To Predict How We Age!

There has always been a debate whether a person’s genes has anything to do with how they age. Until now, they had not been any studies carried out to provide a definite answer to this question to whether Genes can be used to predict how we age.   While scientist don’t actually know why we […]

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