Four Usefull Tips On How To Exfoliate Dry Skin and Dull Skin

Are you aging or having a dry and dull skin and wonder what you can do to remedy this situation and have  ayounger and healthy skin? We are constantly exposed to different factors such as sunlight and harsh dry climates which affect our skin causing it to age faster and  looks dry and dull added to the fact that our skin cells die and can’t be completely gotten rid of by just washing or brushing these dead skin cells which hold on to the skin obstructing your skin pores.

\Most people have the problem of dry skin and dull skin which is also aging fast. The solution to this, is regularly exfoliating the dead skin . This article is going to provide you with some useful tips on  how to  exfoliate dry skin and also avoid dry, dull, and aging skin.

1. How To Exfoliate Dry Skin  With the Use of citrus acid from fruits


Fruits which contain citrus acid such as lemon are good exfoliating agents, these fruits produce citrus acid which is a natural acid from fruits and this acidic property makes it a treatment to dermis problems. Dry, dull and aging skin being some of these problems among others.

This natural acid does this by removing dead skin cells. This remedy works even better if the acid from these juice is mix with honey before applying on damp skin for about 30 minutes then washing with warm water. Some enzymes too are good exfoliating agents.

2.  Enzymes from yellow or orange colored fruits

Fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, oranges and pumpkin contain these enzymes. This is done by blending these fruits or vegetables and mixing  with brown sugar for added effect.

This is applied to the skin and these enzymes work by breaking the binding components holding dead skin cells and skin pores making skin look fresh and soft within a very period of time. Another way to take care of dry, dull and aging skin is to use milk.

 3. How To Exfoliate Dry Skin Using Milk

I know you will be wondering, but yeah milk can help you with dry and dull skin problem. Milk can actually remove these dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. And this is quite simple, you just apply milk to your skin and wash after an hour, this facilitates the peeling of dead cells thereby exposing new and healthier skin cells, making you look fresh. It is worth noting that one need to dampen the skin before using these exfoliating agents.

4.  Make sure to exfoliate damp skin

In as much as exfoliating skin makes it look fresh, doing so when the skin is not dry can be detrimental if the agent has abrasive particles. It is always good to dampen skin with water before applying these agent or adding hydrating ingredients such as olive oil or honey as with the case of using citrus acid to exfoliate dry skin.

Moisturizing agent such as Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame should be applied to the ski after exfoliation. Cynergy TK provide functional keratin which is a protein needed by the skin for better collagen growth. Phytessence Wakame prevents the loss of hyaluronic acid which lubricates collagenfibers.

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