10 Tips On Natural Home Treatment For Cellulite That Works

When fat cells beneath the skin grow larger than normal, they stretch fibers which hold the skin to the tissues beneath the skin, this causes the appearance of ripples and bumps beneath the surface of the skin referred to as Cellulite. Men are less prone to have this condition than women, and this is because women have collagen beneath the skin which holds fat cells and arranged vertically.

These collagen fibers in men is tighter and is arranged diagonally added to the fact that their skin is thick accounts for why men have less bulging of fat cells beneath the skin. Estrogen also acts as a contributing factor in cellulite by directly affecting the fat cells holding capacity by increasing alpha-adrenoreceptors.

Other factors which can contribute to cellulite formation include; poor blood and lymphatic circulation and also poor diet. Most women when in their 20s start to develop cellulite and feel really uncomfortable with it, however it will interest you to know that there are natural ways to treat this cellulite and you will be seeing them as you read through this article.

1. Proper Nutrition


Cellulite is concerned with skin but it has a close relation to excess fat being stored. There you may want to watch your diet if you are overweight. Bromelain is an enzyme which can increase the blood supply to the skin and it does so by removing fibrin which is built up on the walls of blood vessels. There are two branched approaches in the treatment of cellulite; by actually shrinking these fat cells and by rejuvenating collagen cells there by strengthening the cells of the skin affected by cellulite.

2. Massage skin when cleaning

Massaging the area affected by cellulite with your towel after taking a bath will help in the treatment of this skin condition. Start in a circular motion then continue and upwards and inwards towards the bowels. Massaging removes metabolic waste and toxins from collagen tissues and also increases your blood circulation.

3. Brush your Skin when it is dry

Brush your skin when it dry two times a day; in the morning and in the evening before bed time. This increase blood flow to the area thereby rejuvenating the cells of the tissue. This also helps to detoxify the interstitial fluids. Doing this constantly on a daily basis can help improve this skin condition.

4. Control your Hormones

When estrogen levels are increased maybe due to the use of pill such as HRT or BCP (birth control pills) increases the ability of the skin’s fatty tissue to store fat and bulge there by causing cellulite formation. It is necessary to reduce the dose of birth control pills if you are taking any or you use pills which do not contain estrogen such as IUD.

5. Avoiding Some Habits

In as much as crossing your knees legs and ankles may seem to give you comfort when sitting, this greatly reduces your blood circulation and will lead to the formation of cellulite. Always try to be active as this increases your blood circulation and avoid standing or sitting.

6. Do Exercise Regularly

Exercise plays an important role to burn fats from the skin and also improves blood circulation this can be of great help in reducing the accumulation of fats on the tissue cells of the skin and hence treat cellulites.

7. Use of Body Wraps

This is made of herbs and other chemicals and can be commercially made or you can make one at home and it functions by stimulating the release of fats by fat by tissue cells of the skin. Herbs used may include algae or kelp. You can visit the Botanical beauty Laboratory website for homemade wraps formulas.

8. Massage Regularly

Massage is another great way to reduce cellulite especially the one which increases the flow of lymph. This helps to detoxify the tissues in the skin making the skin smooth. You may either use a device at home to massage your and visit the many professionals who are specialized in giving body massage.

9. Use Supplements  to treat Cellulite

There is also a variety of supplements used to treat cellulites some these supplements include the following: Alfalfa which balances interstitial fluid hence preventing swelling; Borage oil contains linoleic acid which helps to strengthen cell walls; Horsetail used to rejuvenate skin cells and contains mineral silica as active agent; Cider Vinegar contains enzymes which balance body pH. Ann contains Potassium which balances fluid. Other examples of cellulite supplements include: coconut oil, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kolu, Green Tea and MSM.

Use. External Treatment for Cellulite

Applying aloe vera which contains alatoin as an active ingredient gives your skin a smooth nature and heals it too.

Betonite Clay occurs naturally and functions by absorbing toxins and impurities from the skin via pores.

Some supplements such as kelp and ginkgo Biloba can function externally if added to creams used on the skin.

The take home message is that these agents used to treat cellulites function in two ways either by reducing skin fat or by strengthening collagen in which makes up part of the skin tissue.


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