How to Determine Breast Augmentation Sizes just Incase You Need One

What is breast augmentation?


Augmentation mammoplasty or Breast augmentation surgery was first introduced in the 1960s and it is not something strange nowadays. It is the most talked about cosmetic surgical procedure in the world today and it has undergone a lot of change since it was first introduced and is now safer than before and also has an increase in popularity.

Who gets breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is no longer something that is meant for the rich and influential women in the society today is it common and done by a vast number of average women in America and Europe.

Most women nowadays prefer breast augmentation surgery to other methods of breast enhancement such as enhancement exercises massages and herbal methods despite the fact that it is the most expensive; reason being that the results of breast augmentation surgery are immediate and women get to choose the exact shape and size they desire.

Meanwhile the other techniques require a lot of time and commitment. Despite all the advantages and development in the breast augmentation technique, women are still faced with the problem of the size of the breast they should get.

In order to answer this question, let us first look at the changes in trends the breast has undergone over time then see what size and shape women will want to in for depending on what is safe and convenient.

Is there a preferred age for breast Augmentation?

In the past around when this process was developed, men preferred women who had all the curves and some fat. Nowadays there has been a lot of change and women prefer to look small and skinny, at least not until they are in their 30s and 40s when they prefer to go for the traditional looks with curves and a bit of fat, thus explaining the reason why women in this age group are the most who go in for breast augmentation surgery.

How do you determine your  breast augmentation sizes?


Women who go in for breast augmentation surgery will have to be very sure of the look they want the process.

For several reasons doctors state that women should not get a size more than two times the original cup size of their breast. One benefit in keeping your breast within this range is that people who are used to seeing you will not notice the change in the size and shape of your breast after getting a breast augmentation surgery.

When your breast become too big relative to your size, you may instead succeed to lose your sex appeal instead of gaining it. Looking at it from the biological point of view, bigger breast will lead to hormonal imbalance in the body.

Also when the breasts become too large, they are rigid and even you who is carrying them will feel very uncomfortable carrying them around. One more reason not to go in for very large breast is the fact that they could reduce the sexual sensation of the breast, hence before choosing the size of your implants always talk to the surgeon and know whether or not it is going to have an effect on the sexual sensation of your breast.

From what you have seen so far in this article concludes that it is not necessary to go for an extra-large size breast when going in for a breast augmentation surgery. Statistics have even shown that most men are not turned on by the size of the breast but by the tone of the breast. At least you now know How to Determine Breast Augmentation Sizes


And this type of toning can be achieved via augmentation. You just need to choose the perfect size of your breast implant. Other simple techniques such as massage and exercise can also give you the required toning enough to make you feel secure and also increase your self-esteem. Hence women should choose an implant size relative to their size and should also focus on improving the shape of the breasts.



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