Breast Augmentation Surgery – What To Expect Before Having One

 What is breast augmentation surgery?



breast augmentation suirgery before and after
breast augmentation surgery before and after

Breast augmentation surgery involves the surgical insertion of implants such as silicon or saline in your breast and even below the chest tissue to improve their size and shape and make them look attractive and this process can increase your breast to varying sizes  depending on preferences.

This process can last for 2 hours and even though the results of breast augmentation surgery is seen immediately after surgery, you still need some time to fully recover from the surgery and actually enjoy the new look of your breast.

Therefore you should consider the time and process your breast will take to actually heal after breast augmentation before going in for one. Some women go in for breast augmentation just to have a fully bust-line and look more attractive.

Whereas other factors which influence a women to go in for a breast surgery include; accidents, reconstruction after breast surgery and to balance the sizes of the breasts, after pregnancy and nursing. In this article I will run you through what you should expect after having a breast augmentation.

  • The First week after Breast augmentation surgery

After breast augmentation surgery it is normal that you will feel tired and sore for the next couple days however you should be up and active within 24 to 48 hours though you will not be able to do highly demanding activities. Your surgeon is going to prescribe some pain medications so as to make you feel better and reduce discomfort and will also monitor for complications such swelling and bleeding.

When  your gauze dressing is  removed, you may be directed by your surgeon to use a surgical bra. Depending on whether your job is physically demanding or not, you may return to work after the first week after having your

  • The second week after breast augmentation surgery

Your stitches will removed around 10 days after surgery  and you may continue to experience burning sensations in your nipples and this may continue till the end of the second week. If your breast till remain sore, you should avoid physical contact as healing continues.

  • Week three to week eight

As times goes on you will begin to resume your normal physical activities but this will be done under the supervision of your surgeon. After the third or fourth week, breast soreness will gradually fade away and major swellings will also diminish during this period. After this period, the scars from the surgery will still be there and will only fade away after months of post-surgery, and may never be completely gone but will be hard to notice.

The above timelines are what you should expect after going for a breast augmentation surgery. Though it may vary within individuals based on several factors such as health, physical characteristics and how well you follow the surgeons post augmentation guidelines. Despite all  the post augmentation stress, many women still believe that the expected results far out ways the stress that comes with breast augmentation surgery.



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