Useful Tips to Control Eczema Itching – Check this out

Knowing that you have a skin condition called eczema is not good news for anybody. But that is not the end of the world because it is a condition that many people are suffering from, and can be controlled or treated. There are so many things that you can do to treat eczema or to keep it under control. But you have to know that it is a daily battle that you have to contend with on a daily basis until it is completely treated or keep the itching under control. This article is going to provide you with some useful tips to control eczema itching.

If you are suffering from eczema, you should know by now that  the itches  that are associated with it  are sometimes very unbearable. It comes up to the point that you are forced to scratch the affected area  but at the same time you know that doing so only worsen the situation. Doing a cool compression can release you from the itching and it does so because it induces the reduction of the inflammation of the skin cells that have been affected.

If possible you should try to avoid scratching your body in areas that are affected by eczema as this  scratching will only worsen the condition which can lead to infection.  Since you want to minimize the itching, you should try to apply a moisturizer or a cooling gel. Guaranteeing or making sure that your fingernails have been clipped short is also a good precautions, as long  fingernails are not a good thing to have if you have a skin condition that causes your body to itch regularly, as you may always be tempted to scratch the area.

Using moisturizers to stop itching


Moisturize the area frequently. The best way to keep the area under control and reduce itching is to use moisturizers. The best time to use moisturizer is when  taking a good bath. The moisturizer that you are using should be unscented. It should not contain synthetic ingredients or chemicals as these can cause your skin to be irritated. Creams and ointments are the preferred choices to moisturize the areas.

. The use of moisturizers cannot be over emphasized, and this moisturizers must be made with natural ingredients. A hypoallergenic brand is perfect to our unscented moisturizers. It is advisable that you keep a small bottle to moisturize your skin thoroughly and as needed throughout the day.

Use of lower temperature water

There are some basic rules that must be followed if you have to reduce eczema flareups. The use of low temperature water in your shower or bathtub is very essential. Using hot water to take a shower cause eczema flareups. You should try to avoid scrubbing your skin. You can use a soap alternative rather than use the soap itself. Dry off yourself with a light touch of the towel, after bathing you should apply the moisturizer sparingly.

During the winter season eczema conditions can worsen. The same thing happens when your skin is exposed to very cold and dry air. Your body needs the protection that would prevent it from loosing moisture. Areas such as your neck or face need to have a heavy concentration of moisturizers. These moisturizers are very essential in protecting your skin because they are able to allow your pores and skin to be moist.

How to control a child whose eczema itches

Another area of concern is if you have a child that has eczema. It is usually very difficult to control. In order for you to minimize the damage that can be caused when your child is not able to control the itching, you should be able to keep their fingernails clean and clipped short. In order to prevent them from scratching themselves when they are sleeping, they should have cotton cotton gloves on.

Using ice to control eczema itching

Rather than scratching yourself, you should use ice to cool the itchy areas. Getting an inexpensive yet compress and keeping it in the freezer to use regularly is a good idea. When in need or when the itches begin, you should hold it over the itching area. Since eczema thrives on dry skin, you should always have with you small washcloths so that when the itches begin you can soak it in water and put it over the affected area to stop the itching.

The above information provide useful tips to control eczema itching and you should take advantage of it if your eczema is itching.

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