7 Effective And best Home Remedies For Skin Whitening

Knowing the difference between skin whitening and skin lightening is important. Skin whitener refers to bleaching of the skin, while skin lightening refers to skin brightening.There are two main factors to consider when it comes to skin whitening: the potential harm it can cause, and the necessary precautions that should be taken to avoid any damage, and it is not generally recommended unless absolutely necessary. When someone wants to lighten their skin complexion, they normally use skin whitening. Although some people use creams, there are natural ways to whiten skin.

Skin lightening or brightening is a process that, if not done incorrectly, can lead to problems. is often done to improve the appearance of skin. Skin brightening is all about achieving an even skin tone. Hyperpigmentation can cause different colors to appear on patches of skin,  as skin whitening has been banned in some countries, making it a less risky choice.

This article is about skin whitening which is a risky process but if done with natural herbs, it can be safe but one would need to monitor their progress as the procedure is being implemented.
Environmental pollution and harmful sunlight are the chief reasons for the damage of skin quality, especially through the blotchy, dull and tan way. All of these troubles are individually capable enough to provide your skin a darken shed, which is a very common problem nowadays faced by several people! In such cases, your natural skin color will be hidden under the darken color and only a proper treatment could redeem it completely.

To relief the problem, homemade remedies are the best methods, thus here, we will illuminate to you 7 best and most effective home remedies for skin whitening, which surprisingly reduce the melanin levels on your skin cells that usually prevents the skin from being lightened.



Yogurt is the best ingredient for skin whitening as it enriched with the lactic acid which has a tremendous effect for natural skin lightening. To get the desired effects, you can apply it directly on the affected area or on the whole bare skin, which usually comes in contact with the sun or pollution. You can also make a few packs by adding some flour, rice powder or powdered pulse, just make sure that your taken yogurt is unflavored as well as unsweetened to get its best outcome.


Lemon is another important ingredient which helps a lot to cure the skin darken and the best part is that, you can use it’s both sides in this process. Such as, lemon juice mixture with a little bit of natural honey and sometimes rosewater could use as a great face pack for skin lightning, on the other hand, the lemon zest could use as a good scrubber that helps to cure the dark shed from any kind of skin types. You just need to dry the zest and grind them to a powder form and use it as a daily scrubbing pack.


Milk is also a good element as an effective natural remedy for skin whitening. You can use this ingredient with several face packs and also apply it separately on your skin or affected areas. Milk should be always applied on the skin to get the best result and try to leave it for at-least 15 to 20 minutes every day before rinsing it off.


The tomato has a great effect on darken skin shed and after using it as the daily routine, it has been proven that, the tomato is able to cure the skin lighting amazingly than a medicated treatment. To get the best outcome, one should apply the tomato juice directly on the affected areas with a cotton ball or hand and wash it off after dried the juice entirely.


Sandalwood is another natural remedy which could find most of the houses in the country like India, as it is considered a holy element to them. What you need is just to rub it in a harsh plate with water and apply that paste on the skin directly. The best thing about sandalwood is, it is suited for all types of skins, whether it be oily or dry.


Mature papaya could be a grand help to remedy the skin darken efficiently. Take the papaya pulp, smashed it with your plain hand and apply it unwaveringly on your skin, keep it on the affected areas and it will dry there (minimum of 15 minutes) and then wash it off with plain water. One can also use the papaya pulp with any other herbal products like cucumber juice or honey.


Turmeric is one of the ancient homemade remedies for any type of skin treatment since so many years. It is also considered as the most trusted ingredient for skin whitening which has no allergenic effects as well as nourishing your skin apart from lightning it.

To use it on the face or other affected areas, you should mix turmeric powder in some face packs by mixing it with a liquid element like milk, curd, rose water or lemon juice and also apply that pack directly. After a few minutes, while your skin starts stretching, wash it off that portion with the help of plain water.

As outlined above, the methods that we have described in this article are natural remedies. But as with all forms of treatment, especially when it comes to ski care, you have to monitor your progress, but most of all try it in some inconspicuous part of the body to see the effects before implementing it on your entire body. The best advice I can to any man or woman who is thinking of whitening their skin is to consult a dermatologist first before doing anything to their skin.

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