Skin Lightening Cream Demystified

what is skin bleaching cream


skin bleaching cream also known as skin lightening cream, whiteners or fade are designed to reduce skin pigmentation or melanin in the skin.

what does skin lightening cream do?

Most of the time you would find that people who commonly use these creams are those who havde some kind of skin defects like acne scars, age spots or some kind of discoloration caused by hormons. It is also a way that is commonly used to lighten dark skin naturally. You should be aware that there are some risks that are associated with skin lightening products so if you wat to try one, you should try to read the label to get all the facts before using it.

what skin lightening cream really works?

The first thing you want to know before deciding on the type of skin lightening cream you want to buy before knowing whether it really works is to get all the facts about the cream you want to test because selecting a safe option is very vital if your goal is to protect your skin duribg and after use.
As with evey product, you should first depend reviews of those who have already used the product that way you are getting first hand knowledge from someone who has already used the product.

You have to be careful about the reviews that you are reading to make sure that they are coming from actual users and not those who have been paid to write reviews. You can also bas your finding on well established brands that you know has been used by.

Which skin lightening cream is the best?

The skin lightening cream that really works is the one that will do what the manufactures claim without side effectsIf I were to recommend a very good product for skin whitening I would go with meladerm because it has gained more polpularity and it is made by a reputable company. But as with any product, you have to test it before you use it.

what skin lightening cream do celebrities use?

There are several skin whitening cream in the market today used by celebrities. Some even have their own cusmetic lines which include skin lighteners. But Meladerm skin lightening cream and the Revitol Skin Brightener Cream are products that have stood the test of time and have been widwly used so it would be safe to say that they have obtained celebrity status in tems of their usage and polularity.

Are skin lightening products safe?

There are some chemicals in skin lightening products that you need to be aware of. The use of mercery in beauty products have been put to a minimum and hydoquinone us has been restricted to 2% but according to research, some beauty produsts that come from Asia and being marketed to the United States are known to have toxic levels of mercury that could be harmful.

Some safety Tips when utilizing skin lighteners

You should examine the item thoroughly by reading the ingredient list to make sure that it does not contain mercury. It come with different names like mercuric, calomel, mercurio or mercurous.
You should make shure that hydroquinone is not part of its content and if it is it should not exceed 2%.

The product should be a suspected of having an unsafe level of hydroquinone if it is not made in the U.S.A.
Sterois preparations should be avoided or used with great care.
last of all, you should consult with you physicial or dermatologist about the use of any skin lightening product.

In my conclusion, you should be very careful when choosing a skin bleaching or skin lightening product because your skin is always exposed to the outside world and you should protect it and make it look good. Some skincare or skin bleaching products can give you some scars and blemishes that would last for a very long time or never. So you should take all the necessary precautions before using any skin lightening cream.

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