Meladerm Cream Reviews – What Users Are Saying.

meladerm cream reviewsThese meladerm cream reviews provide my honest review with customer reviews and recommendations about this product from Civant skin care.

If you are like me, the best way to get the valuable information about any product is by reading reviews about the product on performance and safety.

The manufacturer can give you all the information to convince you that the product is effective and safe and what it is made up of, which is fine. But that is not good enough because some companies embellish the record about their product because they want you to buy it only to find out that their information was either exaggerated or false.

But the best way to know if a product stands up to its claim is to also read reviews of customers who have actually used the product and provide their honest reviews. That is what I have tried to do in this article. If you don’t have time to read the entire article but want to go to the product site directly, you can do so by clicking the link below but if you would like to read the article, then go ahead.


The best thing about most meladerm cream reviews is that they come with all the information you need to know about these skin whitening products and good practice at home to lighten skin tone and how to get a lighter skin. Unlike other similar products,this skin whitening cream formula does not contain any harmful substances such as mercury or steroids. It is manufactured from only natural ingredients.

What exactly is Meladerm skin cream?


Generally, meladerm is a natural skin lightening cream or as you can see on the label it says meladerm for hyperpigmentation because it does a very good job when it comes to treating hyper-pigmentation. It is manufactured from natural ingredients which make it suitable for reducing dark spots, scars,  and hyperpigmented skin. It is very effective in that in just a few weeks, all the scars and spots will have blended with your complexion.

The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t contain any irritating and harmful ingredients which are present on most skin care products. Who can use this product?

 Is Meladerm for black skin or for White skin?

The answer is absolutely no. Anyone who desires to lighten his/her skin can comfortably use this product. As stated earlier, it gets rid of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and scars regardless of your original skin tone. It can also be used by people with sensitive skins. The product is also known to treat acne marks, birthmarks, uneven skin tones, chloasma, freckles and dark elbows, knuckles, underarms, and knees.

What are the ingredients used in this product?

Meladerm is manufactured from only natural ingredients which pose no harm to your health. Its major active ingredients include:

· Tego Cosmo C – A natural amino acid and acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor. It ensures that the skin is even and clear by maintain a natural pH balance.

· Kojic Acid – It inhibits melanin production. This ingredient was first discovered as a byproduct of sake fermentation by the Japanese.

· Alpha Arbutin – It is the strongest tyrosinase inhibitor in the world. Tyrosinase is the one responsible for dark spots found on the skin. This compound is suitable for any skin type and is more effective than other ingredients found in meladerm.

· Gigawhite – This is a combination of several extracts from 7 organically grown plants. It brightens the skin by getting rid of age spots.

Other minor ingredients present in the product are; Licorice Extract, Mulberry Extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Lemon Juice Extract, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C) and Bearberry Extract.

What is not present?

This is a very important factor to consider as most skin lightening products contain harmful ingredients. Be guaranteed that there are zero traces of mercury, parabens, steroids or any other skin bleaching agents such as hydroquinone in meladerm skin cream.

How does it work?

It reduces skin hyper-pigmentation gradually by inhibiting over production of tyrosinase. This in turn reduces production of melanin hence preventing transfer of melanosomes from melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) to the keratinocytes (cells which make brown spots visible).

By acting as a barrier between these two steps, meladerm can be used to completely erase liver spots, melasma, acne marks and freckles.

This product uses an Airless Dispense technology which prevents oxidation of active ingredients. Therefore, the product will remain active on your skin for long periods of time.

What are the benefits of using it?

Since the product is manufactured from only natural ingredients, there are more pros than cons of using it. Some of the compelling benefits include:

Very effective

Unlike other skin care products, meladerm is very effective when it comes to hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Most users have claimed to see results in just 14 days. In addition, the product is engineered to work on any skin color and type.

Natural ingredients

The cream is made from only natural plant extracts. Therefore, it is suitable for all customers especially those with sensitive skins.

Very affordable

Unlike other skin lightening treatments where you have to visit dermatologists or undergo expensive laser procedures, meladerm is very pocket-friendly. You can comfortably use it from the privacy of your home.

Additional benefits

· It delivers permanent results on hyperpigmented skins.

· It doesn’t clog pores.

· Has airless dispensing technology which keeps active ingredients fresh.

Should you be worried about any side effects?

Meladerm cream is the world’s number one skin lightening product due to its harmless nature. However, even though it is manufactured from natural ingredients, some of them can cause minor side effects such as cracking and mild irritation on the skin.

With very few side effects, you shouldn’t worry when using this cream. It’s way better than thousands of creams available in the market. It is also very important to note that different skin types will react differently to skin lightening creams. If you experience any effects from the cream, you can reverse them permanently by discontinuing the use of the cream.

What should you do before using Meladerm cream?

The best thing to do before using any skin care product is to get your skin examined by a doctor or dermatologist. This way, you will be able to know the ideal cream for your skin. In addition, it will reduce your chances of experiencing any side effects and ensures optimal results. It is not a “skin whitening forever” product as it requires regular and consistent use to get the desired effects.

Women who are pregnant or nursing are not advised to use meladerm cream for safety. It is also important to note that when exposed to the sun, your skin becomes more sensitive and so are the ingredients. Therefore, any redness of the skin should not be considered a side effect.

What users are saying about the product?

Expect nothing but positive reviews about this product. It is a very reputable skin whitening cream based on the meladerm cream cusomer reiews. Here is what others have experienced:

�I am 35 years of age and have had problems with hyperpigmentation for a very long time. As a teenager, I have acne and regardless of the effort I put to eliminate them, there were no positive results. However, after using a bottle of meladerm, I was amazed. Freckles gone! Dull skin gone! Acne spots gone! Plus there are no side effects’ Review by Mandy from

�Acne never caught me when I was a teenager but once I turned 21, it finally caught up with me. Since I’m dark skinned, any pimple leaves a dark spot which is hard to get rid of. I have tried so many methods which, in most cases, have left me with dry skin. However, when I started using Meladern, my skin started lighting up and the spots faded. I only apply it once per day. This is the right product for me.’ Review by Iman from

Where to buy the product?

The safest and best way to purchase this cream is via the official Civant Skin care website. This ensures that your product is genuine and is not out of date. There is also a 30 days money back guarantee.


Final verdict

Meladerm is the most highly recommended skin care product. It is cheaper, effective and contains only natural ingredients. Most meladerm cream reviews have rated it 4.5 stars hence it is worth the try.

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