Top 3 Methods On How to Get Rid of Blackheads The Right Way

This article is about Top 3 Methods On How to Get Rid of Blackheads The Right Way. When your pores are clogged or blocked, they form blackheads which serve as a starter for the formation of acne. The reason why these clogged pores appear black is the fact that the debris which blocks the pores is oxidized by oxygen because it is contact with air.

Dead skin cells can block your pores and form these black heads, so when someone has blackheads it does not mean the person is not cleaning his or her face properly but rather because his or her pores have been blocked and the debris which blocks the pores is oxidized by oxygen making it black.

Most people face the problem of blackheads on the nose which is usually displeasing to the eye and they find it very difficult to clear it by just squeezing the nose and though in some cases inflammation may be involved, in most cases there is no inflammation. In this article you going to learn about Top 3 Methods On How to Get Rid of Blackheads The Right Way

  1. Extractor for blackheads


You can get this from a shop from a store online at a very low price and you can see it where pedicure tools and tweezers are found. This is one of the best methods in clearing blackheads and works by applying pressure to the spots, the tool is made up of a flat edge for blackheads and the other edge for white heads, if after squeezing, the blackheads don’t come out completely, then you can scrape gently to remove the blackheads completely.

You get the results you require using this method regularly, but these other two methods used in combination with this method will give even better results.

 2. Blackheads Trips

This can be gotten from Walmart at an affordable prices too. Instructions of how to use this trip is found the trip for you to follow. Make sure you wash your face and dry it leaving the nose wet then you place the trip on the nose. Peel the trip off slowly after about 20 minutes when the trip must have absorbed all the water from the region alongside blackheads.  

3. Use a Face Scrub

You can get a face scrub from a cosmetic shop or better still you can go for natural scrubs such as honey scrub which will not be too harsh on your face. Always make sure you do a skin test before using these face scrubs to avoid hypersensitivity reactions to a scrub. Always use your fingers to massage your face gently for a maximum period of 2 minutes then wash it off.

Using these  Top 3 Methods On How to Get Rid of Blackheads The Right Way regularly will produce better results. They all work to get rid of dirt and oils on your skin leaving your skin rejuvenated and looking even younger and healthy.


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