Killer Tips for clear Skin To Help in Acne Treatment.

If you are suffering from acne you should know that there are is no one particular acne treatment out there that is a magic pill for treating all acne. But that does not mean that there are no effective treatment for acne. There is some light at the end of the tunnel because this article is designed to give you some very important natural tips that can help you have a clear skin as it is natural and effective with all kinds of acne because they are just basic skincare knowledge.

How acne is treated


The first thing that you need to do regularly to treat your acne is washing your face. Acne feeds on clogged pores. When your pores are clogges, you skin is not able breathe forcing your skin to become dry and feeding the acne. Our bodies need moisture, and the moisture comes in the form of sweat which can only come to the surface of our skin through the pores. The best thing you can do for your acne is to make sure that your pores are not clogged and this can only be achieved when you use effective body cleansers.

Since acne is more visible on the face because it cannot be covered, your battle for trating it is to regularly do facial cleansing.There are several types of cleansers and you have probably made use of a lot of them butI dont know how effective they were and they probably just dried up you skin as soon as they were applied. Some might have even caused burns if they are fake products.

Since we talked about making sure that your pores are clear for moisture to penetrate to the skin, the first mistake you want to do is to get a cleanser that contains oil, and this is exatly what most people do out of ignorance. Oil is the last thing your body need when it comes to acne because it will clog your pores. That does not mean that oily products cannot be used for acne. The are some essential oils that are effective in treating acne but that need some education to determin which ones are effective.

But when it come to body cleansers designed to clear your porse you would want to use cleansers with natural enzymes that can break down oil. Cleansers that contain pineapple or papaya work vey gently to desolve the oil that can clogg pores. Enzyme are good in unclogging pores and would gently exfolliate the skin.

What is Exfoliation Exfoliation

Exfoliation is botanical term used to descibe the natural peeling away of the back of a tree trunk until such a time that they are completly detached from the tree to subsequently give way for a new layer to grow. This same process happens when you use natural enzymes to exfoliate the skin so thet the oil in the skin will be removed, including dead skin, to give way for fresh skin to grow. Regular and fresh newly grown skin is an enemy to acne because they feed on dead skin.

The next thing you have to do is to to get a cotton ball and apply some Witch Hazel which will serve as a toner in the affected areas. This might sound very strange to you but just try it an you would see the results. The thing is that Witch Hazel is very cheap and affordable and can be found in the local health food store. This method has been proven to effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin and has helped so many individuals. You are advised not to skin this step as it is so important in your recovery.

Which acne spot treatment is the best

The last step is using tea tree oil for your acne treatment and it is also as simple as the first two that are mentioned. You will alo use a cotton ball or coton swab and rub on the affected spots. The effectiveness of this oil comes from it protecting the skin from infection has very potent antibacterial properties as it works to unclog the pores. Just like the witch hazel, the tea tree oil is another product that has been very effective in helping people who have been looking for acne treatment and got very good results.Because of its dual functions it is considered one of the best acne treatment

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